Spring Break is Here!

Finally it’s here!!! Spring Break is here! I could not be more happier! I can’t believe that school is almost over, we only have april and then after that we just have three and a half weeks in may and then that awesome two words that every kid loves to hear is SUMMER VACATION! In first grade I was balling my eyes out with my friend because we didn’t want to leave! We were so upset that we had to go to a new teacher. But as we were walking to our moms we were listening to every kid yell “Schools out! Schools out! Schools out!” That just made us cry more and more! But now as both of us are sixth graders, we are those kids yelling…SCHOOLS OUT! Last year I was practically sprinting to get out of school I was so excited for summer. Every year I have joked with my family and friends saying that after that jerky school bell rings I will jump in my pool as soon as I got home.

Guess what! I never ever did it. After joking about it, I never did it. But this year I hope I do! I really don’t know why I talking about summer break when I”m only on spring break. Well I’m not doing anything for break except sit in my room and sleep. Well hopefully that plan changes after a few days because your only on break for so long. But hopefully future me will figure it out sooner than later!  Anyways I’m not doing anything on break, but some of my friends are! One of my friends was going to Costa Rica! I wish I was going somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break is Here!”

  1. Hi Isabella,
    Your excitement is contagious and fun to experience through your words.
    I hope Spring Break is everything you want this year.
    Mrs. D

  2. Mrs.D,
    Thank you for the compliment! My spring break was really good. I did some service hours done and I went to a trampoline place and I had really fun but I mostly stayed at my house. How was your spring break?

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